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Budgeting for your Trade Show Exhibit

Budgeting for your Trade Show Exhibit

Everyone’s heard the phrase champagne tastes on a beer budget.  Most exhibitors who are planning their exhibit, experience this conundrum, usually after the first shocking round of final bills and invoices.  Let’s get realistic here…...Every aspect of your exhibit, event or trade show needs a budget. No one has an infinite amount of cash sitting around waiting to be spent. In order to create a budget you must know what costs the necessities should be allocated into...

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Being a Designing Psychic

Art is subjective. What one person may think looks visually amazing, another may hate. Trying to read someone's mind to decipher their vision can be very difficult without proper planning and a little salesmanship.

There are many different factors that play a role in conceptual design including budget, regulations, corporate identity, display space, client input, and timelines. Las Vegas Expo's design team reviews and analyzes these factors ahead of time and make a plan on how to overcome these obstacles before meeting...

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Height Restrictions and Line-of-Sight Rules

Height restrictions and line-of-sight rules, usually found in your exhibitor kit, are two regulations that will affect the design and layout of your exhibit.

Height restrictions are usually determined by the venue's ceiling height. These values, along with specific show regulations can restrict your overall exhibit height to as low as 8 feet or as high as 24 feet. However there are standards for height restrictions based on the following booth configurations: 8 feet for an inline, 12 feet for a perimeter...

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