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Sales Manager - Mitch has been active in the exhibit industry since 1979. He began his career as a Corporate Meeting Planner for Jordache Enterprises, one of the largest apparel manufacturers in the world at the time, responsible for trade show participation, booth design, corporate travel, corporate sales meetings, and advance logistics for all commercial and photo ad shoots. Other early trade show experience came from his own family business, Isaacs Exposition in resort areas. Mitch has also worked in independent film, reality TV and production for a few years before returning to the trade show industry with Las Vegas Expo.

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“Scotty, I need Power now!!”

“Scotty, I need Power now!!” - Electrical Services, utilities and your Exhibit

How many times have we heard Captain Kirk imploring Chief Engineer Scotty to give him power so the star-ship Enterprise can avoid disaster or fight the battle or jump to hyper space for another rescue?  Yet even the most veteran exhibitors often overlook one of the most critical items…ordering electrical and utility services in advance.

The number of times I have seen display installation go horribly over budget is...

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Light The Night Walk

Light The Night Walk, a Community Success Story

Light the Night Walk on Saturday November 1st at the Learning Village next to Container Park was a spectacular display of people supporting people and Las Vegas Expo was proud to be a contributing corporation for the walk for Leukemia & Lymphomas Society’s annual fundraiser, (www.lightthenight.org/snv). Las Vegas Expo provided equipment, signage, banners and graphics and built the 1864 Lounge a throwback nod to the founding of Nevada as a state. Contributing Teams that...

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HOLY SHIP, my Show freight is lost!!

HOLY SHIP, my Show freight is lost!! Trade Show Armageddon Survival Guide

What would send you into a full blown panic?  What sequence of events would have you gravely concerned about being fired from your job. If you are an exhibitor, your worst nightmare would be your entire exhibit, product samples and promotional materials not arriving at your booth for set-up.

You just raced from the airport to the hotel to check in then scrambled over to the show site to...

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