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Mitch Isaacs

Sales Manager - Mitch has been active in the exhibit industry since 1979. He began his career as a Corporate Meeting Planner for Jordache Enterprises, one of the largest apparel manufacturers in the world at the time, responsible for trade show participation, booth design, corporate travel, corporate sales meetings, and advance logistics for all commercial and photo ad shoots. Other early trade show experience came from his own family business, Isaacs Exposition in resort areas. Mitch has also worked in independent film, reality TV and production for a few years before returning to the trade show industry with Las Vegas Expo.

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Corporate Cultural Values

Corporate Cultural Values: Setting the Standards for Excellent Service

In the hospitality and convention industry there are certain Core Values and Service Standards that we all ascribe to and share.  At Las Vegas Expo we are proud of our corporate culture values; they are not unique rather they are intrinsic elements which we have in common with hotels, convention facilities and other suppliers.  We are proud to be working in this business and it is important that all of our employees and...

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Las Vegas Expo “rolls out” Eco Friendly Table Top Plastics

Las Vegas Expo “rolls out” Eco Friendly Table Top Plastics

Las Vegas Expo is proud to lead the industry with its implementation of “TableFlex" Eco friendly table top plastics for all its shows, events and clients. The new material created by EnviPlastics (EnviPlastics.com) is PVC free, recyclable and has no out-gassing or aerosolic chemical release emission factor. In its constant mission to reduce graphic substrate material waste the eco initiative will continue as Las Vegas Expo changes over their graphics materials...

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Why Trade Shows still ROCK…

Why Trade Shows still ROCK...

With so many B2B trade shows setting attendance records in the first months of 2015 in Las Vegas there has to be a reason.  Yes, we know the economy is steadily repairing and growing but that’s just one factor.  Why do so many exhibitors & buyers attend trade shows?….….it’s because they still work.  Trade shows are single-handedly the most important part of any marketing campaign.  Expos work because people really do want to touch and feel the...

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