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We Love New Orleans – Complete Show Services Open for Business

We love New Orleans….it’s a great convention city. New Orleans offers an unbeatable combination of fantastic facilities, exceptional food, great music, historic multi-cultural landmarks and candy store-like choices of things to do.  No matter how many times I’m in this wonderful meeting place, I’m not too jaded to admit that once again, I took the beads & marched with 1500 Conference Attendees in a parade that stretched 2 &1/2 blocks, led by an awesome New Orleans band to board for a sunset cruise;...

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Tis the Season in Las Vegas

Tis the Season in Las Vegas… Trade Show Season that is…(and Vote yes to the Raiders) What is Trade Show season in Las Vegas?

Let me tell you!  During the months of September and October, Las Vegas Expo – Complete Show services is non-stop busy.  Las Vegas Expo’s Complete Show Services has a full schedule of Trade shows, Conventions and Corporate meetings.

You too have probably found that your schedule is filled with new activities such as the kids starting school, the cheering for...

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What’s Trending in Trade Show Exhibit Design

Trade shows are hands down, the most fun way to market to your clients with the added advantage of having the best ROI.  Participating in trade shows is like no other marketing out there.  It’s personal, experiential, with the opportunity to engage a very targeted group.  New trends in exhibit space are always evolving.  The present tide is focused on total environment creation, encouraging attendees into the booth space as it beckons as a place to gain knowledge and participate in learning about...

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