Graphic Upload Submission Form


Please fill out the below form and attach your graphic file (5megs). For larger graphic files or multiple graphic files please submit them to our FTP Server.

FTP Site Address:  Username: lvexpo  Password: Upload1!

  • SIZE / SCALE – 10% Scaling Factor Scale your finished artwork so that  1″ = 0.1″ (Example: for a header that measures 77.5″ W X 12” H in real size, the graphic file will be designed at 7.75″ W X 1.2″ H). Do not include bleeds or gutters.  Do include a die line for any router cuts needed.
  • RESOLUTION – 600dpi minimum (1200dpi Recommended)
  • COLOR MODE – CMYK (Before submitting your artwork to us, please make sure you convert the color mode to CMYK.)
  • FORMAT – TIFF, flattened (We require the use of flattened TIFFs for all artwork.) Please be advised – Failure to adhere to these requirements may produce unpredictable results that may or may not be correctable. For this reason, we will convert/adjust any non-.tiff files to meet these requirements, and bill the customer at a rate of $125.00 per hour.
  • IMPORTANT – Please be 100% sure to convert all fonts to outlines.  Do not send us font files to replace missing text.

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    Upload Graphic File Here (If multiple graphic files more than 5megs, please use FTP below)


    FTP Site Address:  Username: lvexpo  Password: Upload1!

    Questions or concerns, please email: