Las Vegas Attendees spend more time on a show floor!

Las Vegas Attendees spend more time on a show floor than in any other destination….we ask why?

Attendees spend more time on the Las Vegas show floor than in any other destination.  Recently, I came across that flashy statistic from an industry research study.  Again, of all the cities and destinations you can hold a meeting, conference or trade show in….Las Vegas keeps the attendees on the show floor more than any other city.  And, it’s by a whopping almost 2 hour differential from the 2nd place city.

With so much to see and do in Las Vegas other than attend and participate in the conference you are attending, the statistic was really a loud proclamation of another one of Las Vegas’ amazing advantages over other cities.

Only because, we are unabashed pro supporters and enthralled by Las Vegas will we not reveal second place.  After all, does it matter?  The shocking fact is that in a city you would think would pull buyers off the show floor, Las Vegas keeps them packed in.

My mission was to uncover the reasons why attendees stay tuned in a city with a plethora of non business related options to distract them.  No matter the choices of food, fun, shopping and clubs that are all beckoning the convention attendee, trade show participants seem to be able to hold out until after the seminars and exhibits close to spill out into the fun zone known as The Strip.

So, here are some of the reasons Las Vegas Expo proposes that people love being on a Las Vegas trade show floor.

The air conditioning.  Is it because to offset the oven like temperatures we locals endure, that the cold air is pumped in generously?  While, the cool confines of an exhibit hall offer welcome relief, this really can’t be the reason since there are other desert cities with working air conditioning that didn’t even make the top 10 in the list.

Guilt:  Now maybe we are getting somewhere.  Do attendees stay on the show floors longer in Las Vegas to remediate their guilt over having way too much fun while here on business? The company has picked up the tab for visiting this mega fun town so maybe conventioneers feel that they need to offset the giant doses of joy with some serious show floor time and thus assuage their guilt.

Great promotional advertising giveaways.  Some folks love trade show swag, from pens to thumb drives, from koozies to t-shirts.  Walk a show floor and the swag and trinkets are there for the taking.  Even though we have seen some really cool new novelty items on recent show floors, this is not a unique phenomenon in Las Vegas only.  So, our hunt for the reason, Vegas is #1 with attendees continues..

The show floors are more exciting than the other offerings in the city.  Seeing new products is exciting, connecting with industry colleagues and networking opportunities are vital to any business.  However, we know this is not the reason either.

Let’s get serious for at least a moment.  Las Vegas Expo believes the reason that attendees spend so much more time on a B2B trade event in Las Vegas is because Vegas brings out the best in the exhibitors.  Bigger budgets, bigger exhibits with more products displayed are all part of a Las Vegas convention.  More bang, more gee whiz and more attendees and that’s the facts.  And not just the Trade Show 200 keep the people enthralled, conferences and expos of all shapes and sizes come to the desert and all have exhibitors putting their best foot forward.  In a city that really never sleeps or closes, maybe knowing that everything will still be waiting for you to have max fun is one of the factors.  No need to rush out of the Convention center since whatever you want to do will be there, no matter what day of the week or what time of day.

In conclusion, we really aren’t certain as to which factors make Las Vegas the go to place and the place where show floor traffic stays.  What we do know is that Las Vegas is a fantastic place to exhibit at or attend a convention.  More bang for the buck, more attendees and business people here ready, willing and able to make things happen. Are you thinking of exhibiting or producing an entire event here in our hometown?  We say come on in, Welcome.  We would be thrilled to help you maximize your exhibition experience.

Do you have thoughts as to why Vegas rocks the trade show floor?

Let us know, contact Mitch Isaacs, Sales & Marketing Manger

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