Retail Store Build-outs: So much more than creative designs…

Retail Store build-outs are not an easy task of simple planning, but instead are complex orchestrations which require highly specialized building and design skills. For a retail store or kiosk to be functional, creative and have both interior and exterior appeal, it takes a team of developers, architects and designers with years of experience who’ve mastered the art of retail environment creation.

Store Build-outs can have many different development factors that come into play, such as corporate Brand standards, design consistency, retailer requirements, building restriction codes, landlord restrictions, and even unavoidable constraints on the space itself. These factors need to all be taken into consideration when designing and fabricating a build-out space and can become challenging for even the most experienced designers and fabrication professionals. Here at Las Vegas Expo Complete Show Services, our design team has created many Retail Branded environments along with our core work of effectuating eye catching exhibit footprints for Trade Shows.

Prime real estate taking into account foot traffic within the shopping center as well as vehicular traffic,  is often a key factor when finding a retail environment space. Retailers may accept a smaller, less than perfect space to get a great traffic location which can sometimes demand creative planning to make the space function properly. A common challenge faced with most commercial developers is having a build-out space that is committed to maintaining a certain store size or layout that adheres to certain brand standards and store concepts. Often the retail space does not allow for ease of design therefore rearranging interior space via creative alternatives must come into play.

Many shopping centers and malls have restrictions on what materials can be used, while others allow the retail establishment to choose their own. In either case, most covenants are quite restrictive & specific and must be incorporated into design priority and standards. Budget parameters can also play a huge factor in which high end materials may have to be substituted with faux replicas or graphics to keep costs contained. Lead times on certain non mainstream materials shipping timelines can be unpredictable, costly and can play a huge factor in which substrates can be used to meet finished store build-out deadline dates. The longer vital fabrication components are in transit, the adverse effect on completing becomes a negative factor to get the job finished and in the retail world, time is money. With Most stores timed to open for a specific season or event, unnecessary or unplanned delays cannot be tolerated. Las Vegas Expo’s skilled design team work closely with the client (and Mall developer, owner and leasing agents) proactively, diligently and efficiently to keep track of and control unnecessary spending, shipping delays, and other potential wasteful issues that can become major problems in getting the retail establishment open on time and on budget.

Coordination is a key factor when designing and developing any retail store build-out. From materials procurement ordering, to third party vendors used, it is the job of the Design team and fabrication shop to make sure these channels of communication are continuously open and clear. Builders must know in advance the due dates and logistical issues to best stay on target for the installation schedule..

A great store build-out design can be the difference in making a retail outlet profitable. Good design companies will take pride in completing and opening retail environments on time and on budget. Las Vegas Expo will work hand and hand with you every step of the way to ensure great output quality, brand awareness, and the best budget efficiency possible. We implement strategies that will benefit every project to make sure your vision becomes a reality.

If you would like to learn more about developing your own unique and functional retail build-out with a team that fires on all cylinders, please contact Las Vegas Expo – Complete Show Services. 702.248.6200


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