Cleaning: the forgotten budget line item

Cleaning: the forgotten budget line item.

How is it, that after all the attention to details of every facet of an event are meticulously planned, that all too often Cleaning is glossed over or entirely forgotten as a budget line item? You wouldn’t think of wearing dirty shoes with a Tuxedo or Evening Gown so why would you not invest time and resources into keeping the show floor and Registration areas spotless.

Are you looking for 1 simple rule to determine...

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Mystery Revealed: Drayage

Mystery Revealed: Drayage and why it’s on everyone’s hot topic list.

If you were to ask any exhibitor or show manager for a list of 5 items that are major concerns about exhibiting at a show, there is 1 topic that always makes the list……DRAYAGE.  Can you feel the shudder?  Why is it that one of the most vital logistical components of the exhibitor experience is so misunderstood?  What is it about drayage and its costs that casts it as such a mystery?   And...

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What is Prevailing Rate?

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What is Prevailing Rate? How this affects your supplier contracts.

It seems like a simple question.  Yet, sometimes it can feel like you are buying a car.  Prevailing rate, market pricing, industry average and lots of back and forth with your contractor …does it make you think you’re getting jammed up with higher than market prices?

It’s simple….the rates should be based on the union wages and the cost of living in each city. When you are coming...

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