Jennifer Cordaro

Vice President LVE

Jen Cordaro

Jennifer began her career with Las Vegas Expo when the company first opened for business in 1994 and today she manages over 70,000 sq ft in warehouse operations including employee and freight logistics.

Additional industry related experience and/or duties include:

  • Customer Service
  • Precision Installation and Dismantling
  • Remote Location CSS
  • Specialty Storage Management

Jennifer enjoys the ever-changing aspects of her work day.  Even though we produce show after show, each one is different and each experience is unique. She is happy with the Las Vegas Expo team and the enthusiasm and teamwork we all possess to make jobs happen. Jennifer thrives on the fast pace business and likes coming into work to create and produce events to make each and every customer happy. When Jennifer isn’t at work, she can be found spending time at home with family, making home improvements, traveling, and hosting get-togethers and parties. She also enjoys playing pool in league and tournaments.

Contact Information:

Phone: 702.248.6200 Ext. 201


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