Nick J. Cordaro

President LVE

Nick began the first chapter of his Las Vegas Expo career in 1995. After a few years of learning the family business from the ground up Nick decided to pursue a career in the booming financial services sector.  He quickly rose through the ranks of major international banks then applied that experience to several start up ventures. When his father, Bob Cordaro, in 2005 contemplated his successor and approached Nick with the prospect of rejoining the family business Nick happily agreed. During the next decade they would work side by side and Nick steadily moved up the chain of command to his present day role of President.

Past companies and positions held include:

  • Las Vegas Expo – Director of Sales
  • Ufirst, Inc. – President
  • Soma Financial – Director of Core Branches
  • Citibank – Vice President
  • Bank of America – Assistant Vice President

“My current role of President has me overseeing all day to day operations of Las Vegas Expo. I truly enjoy every aspect of my job and our industry. My fathers efforts gave Las Vegas Expo its strong reputation of integrity, quality and customer Service which is the foundation of our continued success.”

Nick integrates his core values of Integrity, Honesty, Passion in everything that he does. Nick loves the family atmosphere that is Las Vegas Expo. Each day he works with a team who cares passionately about the customer experience and success. The ability to build long lasting relationships where customers and coworkers become lifelong friends is what makes Las Vegas Expo special.

“Nothing is better than seeing our team’s pride when working with a customer and how they take that customer successful experience personally.” – Nick Cordaro

In the rare moments that Nick is not a work, he can be found traveling the world and experiencing foods and restaurants. He is a wine enthusiast and likes to dry age and smoke his own meat. Nick also loves to attend sporting events when he has the time.

Contact Information:

Phone: 702.248.6200 Ext. 101


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