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Exhibitor Survival – guide for those Holy Sh#t moments

Although I haven’t yet “seen it all”, my lengthy trade show, convention and corporate event career has enabled me to be a firsthand witness to just about everything that can go wrong.  When it hits the fan, most exhibitors are paralyzed by the end of the world syndrome yet most of the bumps in the road can easily be smoothed over with proper prior planning.  Hysteria inevitably leads to bad corrective actions or no action at all.  Let’s look at the simple steps you can...
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Exhibitor Insurance…for those just in case moments

Sometimes, in the real world of conventions, meetings and trade shows sometimes, bad things do happen to good people.  It would seem prudent then, to have all contingencies covered such as proper insurance.  Whether an incident results in a potential claim for property damage or loss, or liability for physical injury, having the correct coverage for these types of occurrences is not only essential it will smooth lessen the consequences should it be your turn to have a “bad show”. Every exhibitor contract requires the...
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Why you need a Budget for a new custom exhibit build

At Las Vegas Expo Complete Show Services, it’s almost a daily occurrence that I can’t even begin to count the number of prospective clients we engage with who want us to design a new custom booth but have NO Budget predetermined.  Basically, let’s relate this scenario to buying  a car.  Obviously if you are in the market for a new vehicle, you have a finite amount of money you are willing to spend or a fixed dollar amount you can swing for monthly finance payments. ...
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