Labor Services


Installation and Dismantle

Quality labor service is invaluable, especially when it comes to show Installation and Dismantling. With over 100 years of combined experience and a track record of proven success, Las Vegas Expo’s Installation and Dismantle Department is the key element to a successful show. Las Vegas Expo’s group of specialists are ready to assist you with all of your exhibit requests from beginning to end.

Our I & D force is much more than simply a team of laborers. At Las Vegas Expo, we take pride in knowing that our specialized team of craftsman is led by industry veterans.  They can be counted on to execute the Installation and Dismantling of your exhibits with the highest level of precision in a timely manner.

There are many factors that can make your labor install not go as planned. Many of them are out of anyone’s control such as the exhibition hall not having a level floor. Our skilled supervision labor team hopes for the best but prepares for the worst. This allows us to troubleshoot any situation to find the best solution and stay within your labor budget. Let our professionals do the work so you don’t have to.

Whether you choose to supervise or you need the assistance of a full-time Las Vegas Expo employee, we can meet all your needs. We provide everything from shipping and storage to emergency on-site repairs, as well from basic installation and dismantling to support service coordination including furnishings and more.

Las Vegas Expo has been bonded with the union local 631 since 1994 and has partnered with many of the outside unions over the years. We have the ability to provide the same amazing labor services anywhere in the US and Canada.

LVE I&D has the resources and the capabilities to help you have the most successful show experience possible.

  • Preplanning and budget consultation
  • Support service coordination – furnishings, floral and more
  • On-site supervisors with dedicated floor managers
  • Skilled labor and technicians for installation & dismantling
  • Full, in-house carpentry
  • Graphics production
  • Emergency repairs and refurbishing
  • Post-show evaluations
  • Multiple show coordination

Contact us today about what labor services we can offer you.

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