Warehouse & Storage


Need storage locally for next year’s show? Las Vegas Expo can help. With our 80,000 square foot storage facility plus additional off-site storage, there is no job we can’t handle. We will inspect inbound and outbound freight to insure the highest quality control possible. If shipping items are in need of repair, we will notify you and give you a free estimate of them.

Advance Warehouse Capabilities

General Contracting Gallery

Las Vegas Expo is a full service exposition company and general contractor with the ability to facilitate on-site advanced warehousing. We will track your shipments, receive them, inspect them, store them, ship them, and distribute them on the first day of the show set-up. This capability allows exhibitors to receive advanced shipments on time and without stress or tension.

Yard Capabilities


Las Vegas Expo has a full-size yard to accommodate any storage need of specialty items. This space is best utilized for items that can not be crated or need to be assembled ahead of time before shipping to a show.

Trailer Storage

Las Vegas Expo Crates

Besides a large amount of warehouse space, we also offer an abundance of trailer space. This is a good way to keep items out of the elements and not have to worry about misplacing items during transporting or moving between shows.

Staging & Inventorying


Our crew of skilled professionals will set up your booth in its entirety if needed. This will allow you the ability to repair damage, take inventory, and redesign any exhibit property including the crates they are being stored in.