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David vs. Goliath – Effective smaller Exhibit environments

Have you ever been to a show and been in a 20’ in-line booth across the aisle from “Gargantuan Company” sporting the most visually striking and appealing Exhibit Environment?  You have 3 sales people and they have a staff of 20. One of the most dominant Centers in NBA history, Wilt Chamberlain, famously said nobody roots for Goliath and he was right. We like our dynasties but we love the little engine that could.  So here’s a quick primer on how your smaller footprint Exhibit...

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Data is driving Marketing Budget decisions – whether you know it or not!

As veterans of a business that continues to evolve, at times, even we might  find ourselves struggling to understand the irony of living at a time of supposed transparency — you can find anything on the internet — yet sometimes not understanding why the data that is driving corporate Budget decision making at the Executive level conflicts with real world operations.

Cutting costs, cutting staff, cutting marketing and sales expenses are the new mantra in the CFO suites.  No business is immune to economizing through efficiency. ...

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One of my favorite parts of creating Trade Show, Conventions and Corporate Exhibit environments is that the design possibilities are unlimited....…to infinity & beyond.  It’s a combination of the 1st game in the NFL season when every fan’s hopes and dreams spring eternal and like a kid in a candy store with an overwhelming colorful overload of sweet treats.  Successful Exhibit Activations demand that you define the following: Why are we exhibiting?  What are our top 3 goals…? Develop new customers, get direct orders at...

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