Bob Cordaro


Bob Cordaro

Bob Cordaro first stepped onto a show floor almost 3 decades ago in a time when the industry was far different from today’s polished convention business environment. Bob’s natural leadership skills combined with uncanny social abilities allowed him to quickly earn the trust and friendship of his clients. Bob being a man of integrity always worked hard and delivered on his word. This was unique and perfect for the breakneck pace of the convention industry.

A few years later, Bob used his unique skill set as the foundation of his newest endeavor, Las Vegas Expo. His business was focused solely on his personal principles of integrity, hard work and loyalty. These fundamentals were the key to him growing his family business. Today Las Vegas Expo includes a footprint of over 70,000 square feet of warehouses and 35+ employees.

Although his success can’t be summed up in a short bio, we would like you to enjoy some classic quotes from a man we thank for providing us our culture of integrity, hard work and loyalty. This gave us the continued ability to provide the best possible service to our customers, which we consider our friends.

“Within the first week of working on a show floor, I loved the turmoil and I knew this was going to be my thing.” Bob

“If you can only remember one thing, always treat your customers like family.” Bob

“Delivering on your commitments, that’s how you build integrity”