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What is it about renting a Table and its’ costs at a Trade Show? There isn’t a great mystery behind this; as a General Service Contractor (GSC), Las Vegas Expo Complete Show Services wants to demystify this frequent question. Simply put, it takes lot of work, manpower and equipment to get that 6’ Draped Table to your booth. As an Exposition Service provider, we want one of our most important assets (you the exhibitor), to be treated properly.  With that in mind, let’s take a look...
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Why Buying Cheap Isn’t Always Better

Company appointed exhibit managers spend a lot of time making decisions. Each decision will have an impact and a direct related outcome for that company. One ill-advised wrong decision could result in their company paying a huge price on the show floor based on those wayward actions. What is important to your companies exhibition participation, what branding to use, what vendor can save you money, how tight is your budget, what is the deadline date...are all factors that make an exhibit manager’s job extremely stressful.  For...
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E-Commerce – LVE On-Line

It’s amazing how far we’ve come in the Electronic Age.  I think back to when the Exposition Services firm I managed entered into the world of E-Commerce with the launch of our On Line ordering system in the late 90’s.  Basically it was only the Big Boys offering this type of Exhibitor Services Manual on line service during the 90’s while the rest of the industry was still sending out giant 3 ring binders for the Exhibitor kits for major events while most other shows...
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