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It’s amazing how far we’ve come in the Electronic Age.  I think back to when the Exposition Services firm I managed entered into the world of E-Commerce with the launch of our On Line ordering system in the late 90’s.  Basically it was only the Big Boys offering this type of Exhibitor Services Manual on line service during the 90’s while the rest of the industry was still sending out giant 3 ring binders for the Exhibitor kits for major events while most other shows got the manuals in folders.  Exposition service contractors who couldn’t make the technology leap with a large capital investment needed, tried to dance around the issue by mailing exhibitors a disk that contained the Exhibitor Services Manual……certainly not a high tech solution.  Considering that Amazon sold its’ first book on-line in 1995, we’ve sure come a long way.

So it was with much anticipation as we launched that first on line manual.  Now mind you, we still had to produce hard copy Exhibitor Services Manual’s to satisfy the show managers requirements, so as we hit the date that the kit was available LIVE & On Line, we heralded it as the beginning of the end of collating massive amounts of pages into a paper kit.  In an industry that we assumed was certainly tech savvy, we braced for the deluge of orders as we prayed that our recent upgrades to our server would be able to accommodate the deluge of orders that were about to rain on us.

The show we launched on line had 250 exhibiting companies…so it was a good gauge of how our software would function…not too big and not too small.  For 120 days we tracked the on line action waiting for this new technology to bring us to the promised land of efficiency and cost effectiveness.  I’m sure by now, you are wondering how this went.  First I’m glad to report that the software and hardware functioned perfectly…no crashes, no data losses and no issues at all.  The punch line is, we had 6 orders via the E-commerce site and only 4 unique users since 2 of the exhibitors signed in a 2nd time to add to their order.  That’s right…..out of 250 exhibitors , only 4 availed themselves of the On Line portal…while the fax machine ran nonstop and the rest of the orders came via US mail.  Our spin was that it was a rousing success because after all, the E-commerce system didn’t crash!!

And here we are today, where the penetration of E-commerce is ubiquitous in our industry. Technologically advanced best practices and tools for the management of your show, exhibitor services and online ordering is the way we roll now at Las Vegas Expo Complete Show Services.  LVE Online brings user friendly access and real-time service directly to your desk or mobile device.  LVE OnLine offers show management and exhibitors the ability to access show information 24/7.  We offer online exhibitor service manuals and ordering capabilities.  Our online service kit capabilities integrate seamlessly with your show’s web site for maximum connection convenience to the LVE portal.

Our unrivaled Exhibitor Services team guarantees that exhibitors always have a positive show experience- before, during and after the event.  LVExpo employs a personal approach to providing superior service.  With a well organized and easy to use Exhibitor Service Manual (online & pdf versions are available for every convention) are provided to every exhibitor and contain important show information and all order forms.  These service kits are the workhorse for an exhibiting company.

Being Customer friendly is our service mantra and it is available pre-show or on site at our Exhibitor Service Center.  The LVExpo Exhibitor Services staff is available pre-show and on show site to assist with any needs and to provide helpful information and handle all of your orders. All of LVE’s Exhibitor Service Representatives are empowered to not just walk you through the entire show process but most importantly, the team is empowered to address and solve all exhibitor issues.  No matter what you need, our Service team can resolve logistical issues, answer questions regarding freight, furnishings or labor or just lend a steady helping hand to guide you.

Las Vegas Expo Complete Show Services OnLine ordering module provides exhibitors with internet access to service manuals and on line ordering capabilities.  Using a secure encrypted access via unique username and password, Exhibitors can get immediate access to real time show information.  Exhibitors can view their complete show files (and previous show files of their participation and orders).  Exhibitors can look up their freight received at our advance warehouse, verify billing information, as well as add, cancel and revise their requests for LVE products and services.

So, to those 4 companies who placed their orders on line 17 years ago, we salute you as the pioneers, the folks who were excited about clicking and ordering.  The world has come a long way for it is the rare person who doesn’t order on line be it carpet for your booth or shoes for the kids…..our world is Electronic.  Just look where Amazon is now to see the progress of E-commerce.   The one constant between those early stages and now is that all the bells and whistles mean nothing without a service oriented, knowledgeable staff to assist while on line and then execute the production on site.

If your event wants the support of all the latest software technology with gracious, friendly and knowledgeable customer service personnel behind the computer screen, then give me a call or send me an email.  We’ll show you why Las Vegas Expo Complete Show Services sets the standards for service.

Mitch Isaacs, Sales & Marketing Manager, Las Vegas Expo, mitch@lvxpo.com , 702-248-6200

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