What sets LVE apart from all other EAC I&D firms?

If all the EAC I&D contractors must pay the same union wage scale (in each city), why is there such a big gap in the rates they charge their customers?  Why does LV Expo‘s highly skilled I& D super crews cost less to the exhibiting company as the end user?  Why does having our elite team of I&D specialists working in your booth with matching Complete Show Services logo shirts cost so much less than the other companies guys with matching shirts?  It’s not just the lower rates per man hour that sets LVE’s apart from our competitors.

How can Las Vegas Expo charge less?  How can LVE not charge supervision fees?  The answer is a simple, we don’t gouge our clients.  We are content to make a fair profit while providing the best possible experience for all of our customers.  Why would you want to pay more than the prevailing market rates?

So, again we ask….why are our labor rates 30% or more LOWER than other EAC’s.  Well,… caveat emptor is the answer…let the buyer beware.  You can pay a fair rate with a fair profit margin and get service beyond compare or you can pay an exorbitant amount for no reason other than that’s what the supplier feels they deserve.  Same union, same skill level.  Do not believe the myth or urban legend that you are paying for a better crew.  Same training, same tools, same work rules and same wage scale for all; You would think  it results in similar hourly labor rates.

Over the evolution and development of EAC specialists, the thing they want you to believe is that the rates you pay are worth it.  We ask you again….what makes the high rates worth it?  Why would any exhibiting company choose to pay more for the same union labor?

The value added components of Complete Show Services labor is driven by the very fact that LVExpo offers complete show services.  We understand the entire scope and arena of Conventions and Trade Shows.  As a General Contractor for Expositions and B2B Conventions and trade Shows, LVE has 25 years of experience producing the entire event.  Our EAC I&D division work on our own GC client events as well.  Our custom built displays and custom exhibit rental division along with our warehouse storage, graphic design/production team and Logistics program forms Complete Show Services.

You have access to a full carpentry and fabrication shop able to do last minute repairs or constructions …and still we provide this additional service and charge less per man hour.  Our trucks can pick-up or deliver anything , anywhere and our enormous inventory of furniture, carpet, furnishings, display accessories and  equipment allows you to get what you want at the last minute should the need arise.  As an LVE EAC client…all of these resources are available 24/7.  Other than the biggest of our GC competitors, our Complete Show Services multi layered, multi service area operation can perform circles around a standalone I&D company.  And again, we need to ask why would you pay more for less?

Sometimes, things happen that are out of our control and are the result of the expo’s appointed official vendors not performing as specified.  When something is awry on the show floor, our decades of experience as a GC Expo contractor, enable us to know how to resolve the issues caused by others and who on the show floor we should be talking to about the issue.

The amazing part is that our staff performs admirably day in and day out.  The really ironic part is that our team members are taken aback by an enthusiastic “Thank You”.  In their mind, helping you is just doing their jobs.  It’s exactly what I always tell our Las Vegas Expo clients, that’s what we’re here for….to be of service.  Whether it’s finding a special nut & bolt size in our gang Box, or just answering a question that’s what Las Vegas Expo Complete Show Services does. .  Need an “L” bracket; it’s in our Gang Box.  Command strips?  We got’em.  We are prepared for any eventuality or circumstance… from power tools & hardware to every imaginable type of surface cleaning products.  That’s how we do Customer Service at LVE.

Sometimes the things exhibitors and Show Managers need from Las Vegas Expo result in multiple employees getting involved to get it done.  Most of the time the part or material is relatively inexpensive but there is a true calculable cost for all the staff labor we deploy to assist and service; Las Vegas Expo’s policy, protocol and procedures regarding customer service directs its’ employees to assist the client……we do  not run up unnecessary charges or worse , not help.  For LVE it’s just old fashioned good customer service to absorb the costs of this non revenue producing work. It’s why Las Vegas Expo’s Complete Show Services has a strong, active, loyal client roster.

LVE’s Complete Show Services team offers a continuity of service with the same labor crew  working for you this show and the following year(s).  It’s our attention to detail and solid Teamwork that produce excellence in our performance of the required tasks and provide all of our clients with a positive exhibiting experience.

Here’s the final litmus test…..ask yourself…are you paying more just because of the illusion of getting better personnel?  Or are you paying more because smoke and mirrors have clouded your view.  For crystal clear clarity and honest fair pricing…why not try paying less per man hour.  We are here to help, we are here to assist and we do it better for less money.

For more information about our spectacular services we can provide as your Exhibitor Appointed Contractor, call or email, Mitch Isaacs, Sales & Marketing Manager, mitch@lvexpo.com, Las Vegas Expo – Complete Show Services, 702-248-6200

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