Being a Designing Psychic

Art is subjective. What one person may think looks visually amazing, another may hate. Trying to read someone’s mind to decipher their vision can be very difficult without proper planning and a little salesmanship.

There are many different factors that play a role in conceptual design including budget, regulations, corporate identity, display space, client input, and timelines. Las Vegas Expo’s design team reviews and analyzes these factors ahead of time and make a plan on how to overcome these obstacles before meeting with you. We ask our clients if there are rules and regulations that have to be followed;   to have that information ready to present so both parties have a clear understanding of what can and can’t be done. When specific unique materials need to be used, we make sure we get price quotes which will factor into overall job budget. Doing extensive homework can greatly increase the chances on making our clients happy, easier to work with and keeping their design within budget.

Listening to our client’s wants and needs is most important to any design. After all, they are the one footing the bill for the design and if we don’t respect their input, we will never sell them the design concept. If they are adamant about doing something a specific way, we will find a way to accomplish that goal every chance we get!!!

Most of the time clients are unsure of what their vision really is. We often need to invoke conversations and suggestions to direct them. We like to ask questions about their ideas while presenting our own remedy for any issues that may arise. There are no wrong answers when we are trying to fully understand their views.

When we are on location meeting our clients, we always make sure to bring proper aids such as paper, pencil, and a tape measure. Drawing small sketches about design ideas and being able to measure items, greatly cuts down on “unknown” factors of our conceptual meetings and save countless hours on redesigns.

Once we have gathered all of our client’s information, researched regulations and materials, and have a solid budget to work with, we are able to present a concept that will not only “WOW” our client but give them exactly what they are looking for and within their price range.

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Contributed by: Michael Carvalho – Designer

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