Monthly Archives: June 2016

What sets LVE apart from all other EAC I&D firms?

If all the EAC I&D contractors must pay the same union wage scale (in each city), why is there such a big gap in the rates they charge their customers?  Why does LV Expo‘s highly skilled I& D super crews cost less to the exhibiting company as the end user?  Why does having our elite team of I&D specialists working in your booth with matching Complete Show Services logo shirts cost so much less than the other companies guys with matching shirts?  It’s...

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Trade Shows, Events & Your BRAND

Your company brand is your company’s image; your brand defines your desired demographic of customer.  Bottom line, your brand is important and all encompassing.   In today’s business climate, the importance of reaching out to your desired customer via corporate events and trade shows keeps growing.  Increasingly, more dollars from  marketing budgets are allocated to events and trade show expenditures in conjunction with all other marketing platforms.  It is imperative that your brand is properly projected during these events.

Your event or exhibit...

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