Trade Shows, Events & Your BRAND

Your company brand is your company’s image; your brand defines your desired demographic of customer.  Bottom line, your brand is important and all encompassing.   In today’s business climate, the importance of reaching out to your desired customer via corporate events and trade shows keeps growing.  Increasingly, more dollars from  marketing budgets are allocated to events and trade show expenditures in conjunction with all other marketing platforms.  It is imperative that your brand is properly projected during these events.

Your event or exhibit should be designed with your brand message being consistent.  This is achieved by the design of the space exhibit environment itself.  Your customer should be able to experience and be immersed within your brand just by being in your exhibit booth through the atmosphere created by the booth design.

Functionality of the space is also critical in achieving your desired activity goals from the event or show.  (i.e. making sales, gathering leads, promoting brand awareness, etc) The space can look amazing, but if it is not designed to function properly, all of the planning and expense put into it will fall short … conversely, great functionality, but poor branding within, dilutes that same challenge.  Your message should speak directly to that show’s attendees profile and should translate well from exhibit design all the way through post-show marketing.

The benefits of trade show marketing are quantifiable and vital.  Trade shows and events present an extremely targeted market audience.  Trade show planning begins with proper show selection….. be it to drive sales, generate leads, increase brand awareness, or all of the above.

If your company is considering trade show or event marketing, or just needs help finding relevant shows that attract your demographic, contact Las Vegas Expo, Complete Show Services.  We can find relevant trade shows for you to attend, design your space and take care of all logistics.   We understand that branding your business properly via cutting edge and efficient design is the key for a successful exhibit experience.  When all the pieces and components come together, it results in bringing you more prospects and achieving your desired ROI.  After all, that is what Trade Show participation is all about

Las Vegas Expo, Complete Show Services turns your ideas into reality…On time and on budget!

For more information on successful exhibiting, contact Mitch Isaacs, Sales & Marketing Manager –

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