Details, so many details to Produce a Trade Show

After so many years working in Exposition Services, I still make mistakes.  It’s quite frustrating (and very educational) to this alleged convention service professional when I overlook a detail that then misfires.  Repeating the same type of error or omission that I made 15 or 20 years ago is almost inevitable when there are hundreds of details to corral but having MitchGyver capabilities allow me to find solutions and fixes…immediately.  That’s what Exhibition Contracting is all about…. implementing and activating all the details cohesively into a fluid environment in a fast paced, coherent production.

In the unique world of Conventions, Trade Shows and Corporate Events the number of details and work orders is voluminous.  To the Rookie…it’s overwhelming; yet to the savvy trade show dude, it’s biz as usual and they’ll make it happen. Situations will need to be addressed and rectified…oversights to be re-sighted, missing whatever will need to be located…… it’s going to happen, challenges will occur daily or sometimes hourly during the run of the event.  It’s sheer folly to think that having thousands of people in a facility with individual needs and requirements will go entirely smoothly and according to plan without some course corrections and interventions both preventative and post reactive.   It’s inevitable…it’s germane to the service….it’s just part of the industry DNA.  After all, with a multitude of items to pull from warehouses such as rental carpets, Entrance way units, Pipe and Drape, Rental Booths, Large format graphics ALL to be loaded onto trailers, unload, install, and then dismantle and return to our warehouse…it’s hard to believe we make it seem easy and flawless. 

There are so many details and here at Las Vegas Expo Complete Show Services, even though it’s all being tracked by a real time 24/7 web based enterprise resource software platform, that doesn’t mean you will not be dealing with one of my favorite things….the fabulous…”Oh…by the way, did we mention we  are (Fill In the blank) …. Missing, forgot to order or we desperately need immediately”.  It can be from our own Team or from a client or an exhibitor.  “Oh…by the way…..we need” is my MitchGyver call to action.  No matter what, we are going to make things right. 

We are going to do what we said we were going to do.   When it’s my bad…I get ticked at my own oversight and chuckle that I know better and then pull a fix out of my own internal experiential database.  It’s that easy.  Need another custom color upgraded rental carpet?   We’ll make it happen. Need another unplanned for Entranceway unit…we are already prepping it and printing the graphic.  A major sponsors’ Truck is late; our Materials handling services team will take some of the stress out of the equation. …we’ll just schedule the crew to accommodate it. 

As the meeting planner, show manager, client, sponsor or exhibitor, your details are our details.  Booth furnishings, freight, Exhibit Transportation, I&D, Rental kiosks……   ALL OF IT are our details to document, track, load, install and dismantle.  Any General Service Contractor who stakes claim to being perfect is telling a whale of a tale.  Oversights, omissions, mistakes, errors and unforeseen occurrences are the norm.  Being forthright and seeking alternative resolutions are part of the required skill set as an Exposition Contractor.  Whether its building custom exhibit rentals on a moment’s notice or correcting rental furniture color… best be with a decorating company, (aka, expo contractor) that knows the real deal, not someone who claims they never make mistakes.  I know hundreds of industry people that would like to meet that person or firm that claims to never make mistakes or ever has to deal with clients’ “Oh, by the way”’.  It might make our job as a general exposition service contractor easier but somehow, I think it would be boring always being right and perfect.

Are you looking for an event company that knows that the details are how to make things happen?    Are you looking for a expo service contractor that that has specialists with deep skill sets and multiple industry experiences?  Are you looking for a Complete Show Services supplier that has a proven track record of success?  Stop looking and email me or give me a call.  We’d be thrilled to listen to what you need and do that better than the companies who claim they are perfect.  Mitch Isaacs, VP Marketing,, Las Vegas Expo Complete Show Services, 702-248-6200.

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