Trade Shows, Conventions & Meetings are Back!!!

Unlike Professional Athletes, those of us in the Hospitality and Meeting industry and everyone else who was temporarily derailed, didn’t get a training camp to hone our skills and knock the rust off our game day actions.   Although, Complete Show Services powered by Las Vegas Expo never stopped working, it was glacially slow at times. NOW……Live Events, Activations and Experiences are back; And, we’re loving the work. We’re back in restaurants, movie theaters, Casinos and Hotels.  Good times and good things are ahead!!

This week we were working in Las Vegas, Nashville, Atlanta and Orlando…. in Hotel Ballrooms & Convention centers producing meetings, conventions, trade show and live activations.  We’re unloading trucks, marking the floor, laying carpet, installing Registration and setting the shows. Having something you love taken away gives perspective.  We’re excited and re-energized by all the live events on our upcoming show production schedule:

Here’s what my Las Vegas Expo Complete Show Services family and I are bringing to the show floor

  1. We will be there early so we run on time and on schedule.
  2. Our work ethic is stronger, if that’s even possible
  3. Maximum effort for making everyone glad they are back at a convention
  4. Energy…..our whole staff  stockpiled an overabundance as we waited to welcome folks back to Vegas, Music City and throughout the US
  5. Increased gracious service attitude.  For those who ascribe to exceptional levels of service, we are elevating that even more because we have to in this new paradigm
  6. Doing Extra- I can’t wait for the 10 PM or 4 AM West Coast Time phone calls from my East Coast clients because they know I’ll answer.  24/7/365 isn’t a hash tag, it’s our way of life.

Looking forward to seeing you once again at a Convention. Stay well & safe travels,

Mitch Isaacs,  VP Marketing, ,  call or text: 702-415-8108

Las Vegas Expo Complete Show Services

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