Great Customer Service & How You Know When You Get It!

Great Customer Service & How You Know When You Get It!

Recently, I was blown away by fantastic, great, exceptional, superb customer service.  How did I know it was great customer service?  It was so elevated from the pack that it was in your face noticeable.  It made me feel totally positive about the company and their Brand which galvanized me as a customer forever.  That’s how I knew that their firm understood customer service and were giving it to its highest levels possible.

The really amazing part of my experience was that the employees that helped me were taken aback by my enthusiastic “Thank You”.  In their mind, helping me was just doing their jobs.  It’s exactly what I always tell our Las Vegas Expo clients, that’s what we’re here for….to be of service.

So I’m driving home from a Las Vegas Expo show site and a scary amber dashboard warning light comes on indicating low tire pressure.  I’m thinking, fortunately there is a gas station a few blocks away so I’ll put some air in and be okay.  Well that didn’t go too well when I heard air leaking out while checking and filling the tires of my SUV and found a jagged edged screw driven ½ way into one of the treads.  We’ve all been there….can I make it to the store to get it fixed before it’s completely flat, can it be plugged or is it new tire time and how much is this going to cost?

Will the air leak slower or faster related to how fast or slow I’m driving is going through my mind while  heading to a Discount Tire ( store about 1 mile from the gas station.  I had purchased and had service done in this same location for 8 years but hadn’t bought a new set of tires from them in at least 4 years.  My service advisor Joe didn’t try to sell me anything.  He just inspected the damaged tire and all the others, told me the approximate waiting and repair time and took the vehicle’s key.

First thing I noticed… sales pitch.  Joe only wanted to help me get my tire patched.  At Las Vegas Expo our really valuable criteria for great customer service is to give the client (exhibitor or show manager) what they want.  And here was Joe, just giving me what I wanted (and offering me a complimentary bottled water).  That’s what customer service is all about…..assisting , helping, resolving, delivering.

In less time than Joe had estimated, the service tech was calling my name to let me know everything was done and they’re backing the car out of the service bay now as he hands me an invoice.  I asked, “How much do I owe?”  Nothing, Zero, Free, No Charge, Zilch Comped !!  It didn’t matter that I hadn’t made a tire purchase in years.  My account was active in their computer files and I was going to receive their best effort and be good to go.  The amazing part is that it easily cost the company over $100 of time, labor and materials to help me and they weren’t charging anything.

Free.  No charge.  This all began with me needing help, and willing to pay for it.  I was ready to pay for Labor, materials and any other shop charges and would’ve been happy.  They took it a step further and delivered a High Roller Vegas moment.  Mitch, you’re all set.  How much do I owe?  Nothing.  It’s free.  WOW.  FREE-king Awesome.

Free sign hooks, unbolting a crate, cutting shrink wrap, opening cartons,  rearranging already delivered crates , finding a special nut & bolt size in our gang Box, or just answering a question.  It’s what Las Vegas Expo Complete Show Services does.  Comped, No charge.  Whether it’s our General Service Contracting division, or we’re working as an EAC on an I&D job and helping an exhibitor that isn’t even our customer.  That’s how we do Customer Service at LVE.  Just like my new pals at Discount Tire did for me.

Is your contractor nickel and diming you OR worse, hammering your exhibitors with charges for anything and everything?  Does your EAC abdicate their role and responsibilities and leave you to fend for yourself on the show floor after the display is installed?

Las Vegas Expo has lent staplers, pens, tape and paper all just because that’s what the people needed.  I didn’t need 4 new tires, just a screw removed from the tire and then patched.  Even though the real direct costs of the retailer were easily $100 (and one could even line item it up to as much as $200), the corporate policy is No Charge although their costs are real and quantifiable.

Sometimes the things exhibitors and show managers need from Las Vegas Expo result in multiple employees involved to get it done.  Most of the time the part or material is relatively inexpensive but there is a true calculable cost for all the staff labor we deploy to assist and service; Las Vegas Expo’s policy, protocol and procedures regarding customer service directs its’ employees to assist the client……we do  not run up unnecessary charges or worse , not help.  For LVE it’s just old fashioned good customer service to absorb the costs of this non revenue producing work. It’s why Las Vegas Expo’s Complete Show Services has a strong, active, loyal client roster.  It’s why Discount Tire has a lifetime customer.

To all of you that day in and day out put forth a service attitude filled with gracious hospitality and a helpful can do attitude….Kudos for understanding the core foundations of the event industry.  For those who want this type of customer service, want a positive show experience that exceeds expectations, send us an email or give us a call.  We’d love to be of assistance because it’s who we are and what LVE does.

Mitch Isaacs, Sales & Marketing Manger

Las Vegas Expo, Complete Show Services

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