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CHAMPS TRADE SHOWS is widely recognized as the largest and most trusted counter-culture trade show in the world. Since 1999, CHAMPS has hosted the premier exhibitors in the industry and draws buyers in the thousands from all over the world.

Las Vegas Expo has had the opportunity and privilege of being part of the CHAMPS’ family from its inception. We have watched this amazing show grow from nine exhibitors to over 600 exhibitors in multiple venues showcasing around the US and Canada.

CHAMPS has grown into the world’s largest and most popular convention for the industry, bringing hundreds of exhibitors face-to-face with thousands of retail and wholesale buyers from all over the globe four times a year.

Exhibitors include manufacturers, distributors, wholesalers, glass artists, inventors, suppliers, and many others who come together in one venue to view the massive selection of smoking accessories, 420 products, clothing, hand blown glass, and other specialty gifts. CHAMPS 29th Las Vegas show, held in July 2013, had over 510 exhibitor booths encompassing 180,000 square feet of floor space and had over 36,000 new product launches on display.

As CHAMPS grows, we at Las Vegas Expo are excited to grow with it and look forward to continuing our great working relationship for many years to come.

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