Eco-Friendly Expositions – Is Kermit the Frog wrong?

It was a reasonable assumption….that there had to be a way to be even more eco friendly without increasing the costs. Maybe Kermit The Frog was wrong, and somehow it could be easy being green in the convention and meetings industry. Las Vegas Expo Complete Show Services has been ramping up its efforts to create a greener, cleaner and less wasteful trade show floor. Many event organizers are also doing their part to lessen the environmental impact of their meetings and events.

Las Vegas Expo Complete Show Services is intimately aware of the mountains of post event waste. The initiative became real after one more event where the client insisted on marshaling all things Green… The goal was to achieve total green initiatives across the entire Expo experience. In real world solutions….Las Vegas Expo was charged with channeling every post show item to be recycled, reused or re-purposed with minimal environmental impact.

From that day forward the determination to find lower cost eco friendly alternative materials could not be stopped. Bt gathering information from organizers and facilities we gained insights into the event industry’s attitudes and actions about sustainability. “Reducing waste” and “recycling or donating unwanted or waste materials,” respectively, are the top actions organizers want to take.

One day while the Graphic department manager was purchasing more substrate materials….. The lights went on. To make a large impact, small steps must be implemented so that they can build upon each other. Every recycled water bottle, cardboard carton or graphic matters. If no one is doing anything, then nothing will happen. If everyone is doing something no matter how small it seems, then change will happen as the whole becomes greater than the sum of its parts.

But here’s the catch…..without the budget line item commitment, it’s doesn’t happen. When venues are content without dedicated Green initiatives and properly prepared for recycling, re-purposing and re-use, it makes it difficult and more costly for an organizer to implement a full range recycling and waste reduction program.

Here’s the silver lining…..small steps matter. If everyone did a bit more, change begins and the new normal replaces the old way of doing things.

The road blocks are there and need to be carefully navigated in order to implement a completely green convention. The objective is to have a waste re-distribution program that provides opportunities for event participants – primarily exhibitors – to re-use and recycle leftover food, furniture, exhibit graphics, flowers, brochures and pamphlets that would otherwise end up in a landfill. It requires a lot of effort to find an organization with the same values and mindset as LVExpo Complete Show Services, and pair that with the local network to full stream recycle…… and most importantly, a willingness to work with the show manager , contractors and facility to implement an effective program.

By organizing onsite programs that make sustainable behavior more visible and accessible on the show floor, it makes the greening of big meetings and events more acceptable. Other environmental steps in include swapping out printed show catalogs for digital, save paper; printing show badges on paper rather than card stock.

If every exhibitor and attendee took just one more practical step to help reduce waste or operate more sustainably at shows, then the contribution to greater sustainability would increase exponentially.

The implementation of these revolutionary products comes as part of LVE long-term commitment to sustainability—which includes the promise of an environmentally conscious workplace. After 4 years of R&D we are pleased to roll out a Non PVC, Non toxic, fully recyclable Table top plastic ( . It’s just one of the ongoing steps that will change the landscape.

Las Vegas Expo Complete Show Services will continue to research and invest in programs that build upon our sustainability platform with hopes of bringing additional alternative materials to the convention and sign industry in the future. For more information on how Las Vegas Expo Complete Show Services can help your event go Green… Mitch Isaacs,, VP Marketing, 702-248-6200

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