Las Vegas Expo “rolls out” Eco Friendly Table Top Plastics

Las Vegas Expo “rolls out” Eco Friendly Table Top Plastics

Las Vegas Expo is proud to lead the industry with its implementation of “TableFlex” Eco friendly table top plastics for all its shows, events and clients. The new material created by EnviPlastics ( is PVC free, recyclable and has no out-gassing or aerosolic chemical release emission factor. In its constant mission to reduce graphic substrate material waste the eco initiative will continue as Las Vegas Expo changes over their graphics materials to this recyclable material, (EnviFlex, and EnviFlexlit). With all the strength, flexibility and color imaging retention factors of traditional materials, this alternative product will allow Las Vegas Expo to reduce one time use waste drastically with these precedent setting products.

By nature, the vast majority of exhibition materials are re-useable! Las Vegas Expo will continue to source eco friendly alternative materials produced from recycled materials or that are recyclable to mitigate waste in graphics and other one-time use essentials.
Our team worked closely with the chemical engineers of EnviPlastics to meet all the criteria of the industry specifications for table top coverings, including flame retardant certifications, graphics substrate materials and as a low cost alternative to expensive tension fabric displays large format graphics materials.

This revolutionary product is more malleable, will not leach chemical compounds into the air or toxins into the environment and is fully recyclable. Las Vegas Expo’s Green policy initiative is to continue to use environmentally friendly items while seeking to find other low impact materials for both long term usage items and event specific needs.

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