Instant Trade Show? Just Add Water to the contents of the box

Is it still magical to you?  Just the sheer nature by which a completely barren and clean Convention Center’s  concrete floor will soon have some chalk marks exactly placed…..and right before your eyes a fully live Exhibit engagement environment will be built within a few hours.  If you swung by in the morning and then popped in again at 2PM you might just think that installing the Trade Show is as easy as cooking instant oatmeal; just add water to the contents of the box.

If that box contained terabytes of detailed information and it only took a few minutes we could continue this analogy.  The trick in the magic is the illusion that the show and all the Registration, Graphics, Entrance ways, Exhibitor freight just magically appear like one of the great illusions of David Copperfield or Cris Angel.  Actually, it’s more like an exotic dance of many moving parts (and I do mean moving)……..53’ tractor trailers, 26’ Trucks, forklifts , 4 wheel electric carts, electric pallet jacks and just about anything and everything that can be placed on permanent or temporary wheels for conveyance IS on wheels and we’re moving it with a large skilled labor workforce.  It’s choreography of departments, electronic communications, text messages, radio transmissions and written step by step timeline centric work orders that makes the show go on.  If the “Cirque” comparison doesn’t work for you, think animated classic Madagascar and YES…..we move it, move it.

Crates, fiber cases, anvil cases , pallets, individual cartons, carpets, machinery and equipment…all of it needed to be consolidated in our advance freight receiving warehouse and we are movin’ it too.  For over 30 days Exhibitor materials are received and the magic continues as it gets to show site and then redistributed to each exhibit booth in 1 day.  It’s just not all of the advance freight; Las Vegas Expo Complete Show Services delivers furnishings for your Booth such as draped tables, chairs, wastebaskets, custom Modular exhibits and carpet by the mile.  It’s all got to go somewhere specific.  It’s an art form in itself and the medium is fluid.  If you aren’t malleable and adaptable, the magic disappears quickly and we all know peering behind the Wizard’s curtain doesn’t always reveal what we expected.

Production is the lynchpin of On-Site success…..planning is the staple that drives production and communication is the ingredient that gets the information from clients, sponsors, exhibitors, facility and Show Management into formatted work orders that allow us to transfer words to a grand scale live exhibition.  Renderings from a computer screen are printed as 11”x17”  paper and with the art of producing illusions by sleight of hand they become 50’x50’, 16’ Tall Island Exhibits, enchanting attendees.

It really is Magical, but like every skilled craftsman will tell you, measure twice cut once.  Decades of experience are not replaceable by Harry Potter’s wand, but Harry Potter’s wand in the hands of skilled trade show personnel is quite a tool.  You can call it Magic or maybe just a professional paint by numbers gig but to deny the incredible aspects of what we do as a General Service contractor for exhibitions, corporate events and exhibit activation dilutes the art that is the show being an open & running convention.  From what was a blank slate now has thousands of people networking, buying, learning, engaging and having fun.  And it all started with a CAD floor plan and a few pieces of chalk.

Do you need a little more magic from your live event service partner?  Give us a call or send me an email…we’re thrilled to perform. Mitch Isaacs,, VP Marketing, Las Vegas Expo Complete Show Services: 702-24-6200, ,

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