Top 5 Reasons: Trade Shows are a Great Sales Platform

Why exhibit at a trade show?  Why attend as a buyer?  The simple answer is because Trade Shows work as one of the most cost effective sales & marketing platforms!  That’s why people come into Las Vegas and to meet in one of the fabulous convention hotels on or near the Las Vegas Strip.  It’s not important what the product line or service is.  The components to successful participation with strong ROI are the same for all.

Why does exhibiting work?  If you want to sell a lot of product to people you have been prospecting & talking and emailing to, talk in person to these buyers, open new opportunities from Networking the entire meeting environment, then here’s why Exhibiting is integral to getting new & major customers on board. 

1. The buyers are able to touch and feel the product line.  Buyers are able to ask questions and look in the persons’ eyes as the answers were given.  Thoughts, ideas and all variables of the manufacturing process, product specifications and delivery logistics can be discussed.  And where else can you cut a deal at “show special’ rates…it’s alive and well and no better way to move product quickly.

2. Meeting face to face allows supplier credibility and thorough product and industry knowledge to be conveyed in fun and engaging conversations.  The interpersonal interaction is dynamic….it’s just not possible to get this across in e-mails that can be crafted to or interpreted to read in many different and possibly conflicting or confusing ways.  Exhibiting in a convention is a unique environment where the buyer and seller can freely interact while allowing for immediate comparisons to fellow exhibitors with competing products or services.  You just can’t get that through E-communications and attached pdf renderings or video files.

3. Listening to your customers’ needs and sharing details and information live and in person is irreplaceable.  It’s the first step in relationship building that is the backbone of customer retention. Successful exhibiting does not just happen!  This step is the same proven simple action that lays the foundation for keeping clients and growing your customer base.    

4. No cost to invite customers & clients to your Display.  Prospective customers can be invited and scheduled for appointments in their exhibit booths or for a meal or one of Vegas’ great entertainment concerts or shows.   With a busy schedule of pre-booked meetings, the time on the show floor will be fast paced & preset.  The bonus is that truly new and yet to be identified prospects will come by your Exhibit activation and engage in fruitful interactions.  You just can’t meet and talk to as many people in one day with traditional sales approaches as you can on a trade show floor.  No amount of road warrior sales techniques or cold calling from a desk can match the sheer quantities of buyers with real purchasing authority you can engage with in 1 day at a convention…. let alone compound the numbers into 2 or 3 days in a convention exhibit hall.

5. Meet people anywhere, everywhere, anytime. This might not work for the bashful types but if you’re no wall flower….and possess just one of these qualities…, funny, personable, warm & engaging, or a have a solid geek streak running through their souls, or just like meeting new people then participating in trade shows will work for you.  That’s right…everyone qualifies and anyone can do it successfully.    You’ll meet people in elevators, outside seminars and inside General Sessions.  Meet people you never knew in the ride share area or taxi lines, in the lively taverns & bars or at one of the sizzling shows on the strip.  With thousands of industry folks in town, you literally can “do business” everywhere.  Of all the tried and true booth traffic building techniques, all the unlimited budget, spectacular booth environments we can design and build for you…..the part that really wakes up first time conventioneers is that if they hadn’t attended, if they hadn’t exhibited, they never would have been in town to meet all the buyers they met OFF the show floor. 

At Las Vegas Expo Complete Show Services, we innately grasp and totally comprehend what makes exhibiting and attending a Business to Business event so rewarding.  Daily, we hear first hand from thrilled Exhibitors why convention participation is integral to their company’s sales and marketing efforts.  Seasoned, experienced savvy convention participants can tout all the track-able and quantifiable gains they accomplish here in Las Vegas.

That Trade Shows work isn’t a striking revelation to all of us at Las Vegas Expo Complete Show Services.  Whether you are newbie novice or decades long trade show veteran, give us a call or send us an email and we’ll help you achieve success by walking with you step by step and sharing a few tips we’ve picked up along the way about custom Exhibit environments.   Don’t just exhibit….Activate.

Mitch Isaacs, VP Marketing, Las Vegas Expo Complete Show Services, 702-248-6200

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