Staying relevant with clients

When you look around at our portfolio of Las Vegas Expo Complete Show Services clients, you find everything from 25 booth shows to conventions with a 500,000 sq.ft. footprint.  We have 100sq.ft. Custom Exhibit clients as well as 20,000sq.ft.(& larger)  large exhibit environments we have built.  Throughout this wide array of customers, we find that the core of our successful tenure with our clients is our focus on service, upgraded amenities and video and digital technology that make their exhibit experience more relevant.

Las Vegas local and regional customers as well as our National clients are spending more money on marketing related to their Exhibit or Convention environment.   The trend is becoming apparent in  the form of Digital activation such Brand Engagement, Audience attraction, Gamification for attendees, Brand experiences, Experiential Marketing AND Mass Personalization.

In Las Vegas, the Convention & Meeting business is competitive. Las Vegas Expo has retooled its offerings to give customers a variety of newer choices.

Local, regional and National customers are still Budget conscious.  Our Fabrication shop renovations increased the options we can offer…from upgrades in materials to the integration of all things digital and video within our Custom & custom rental exhibit builds.  The one thing that won’t materially change is the direction of increased service no matter whether you work with us on General Contracting, Exhibit Labor, Logistics or Custom Display Environments.

Sometimes we  see our customers two or three times a year, or for some of our clients, in the regional and locals market, Las Vegas Expo might work together with a customer two or three times a quarter.  It is imperative that we are always making sure the products and services we provide are relevant and of extremely high quality.

The Exhibition and Meeting market continues to trend in the right direction and our positive view moving forward is supported by positive attendance data, a healthy Strip environment, construction growth and positive financial data.   What remains the same is that we continue to see solid trends driven by the core customer fueled by our ability to constantly offer attractive price/value for our domestic consumers combined with exceptional service and distinctive extraordinary designs.

Although these concepts are not unique to Las Vegas Expo Complete Show Services, we are able to have a broad range of services while providing a more intimate relationship and still being able to deliver on time , on budget with phenomenal production activations.  We can produce a Convention or design and create a distinctive display while offering unparalleled service and a commitment to detail at price points that make us economical for our clients.

Maintaining existing customers, attracting new business and growing revenues are the goals behind our updated programs.  The consumer has changed…….It used to be all about the look.   But now, attendees come in to enjoy the show floor & that’s OK too.  We know they will also enjoy and be engaged by all the Digital, video and complimentary activation offerings we can integrate into their Exhibit environment.

Are you looking for a firm that is leading the field in new ways to engage attendees and participants?    Are you looking for a Complete Show Services supplier that has a proven track record of success?  Stop looking and email me or give me a call.  We’d be thrilled to listen to what you need and just do that for you better.  Mitch Isaacs,, VP Marketing- Las Vegas Expo Complete Show Services, 702-248-6200.

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