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Sales Manager - Mitch has been active in the exhibit industry since 1979. He began his career as a Corporate Meeting Planner for Jordache Enterprises, one of the largest apparel manufacturers in the world at the time, responsible for trade show participation, booth design, corporate travel, corporate sales meetings, and advance logistics for all commercial and photo ad shoots. Other early trade show experience came from his own family business, Isaacs Exposition in resort areas. Mitch has also worked in independent film, reality TV and production for a few years before returning to the trade show industry with Las Vegas Expo.

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Spring is here!

Many of us become energized by the great weather, sun and the thought of summer just around the corner.  Nothing puts people in a more positive and energetic mood than the beauty of Spring and a lot is happening in Las Vegas.  The new T-Mobile Arena has made its debut, UNLV officially hired a new Men’s Basketball coach but then he quit and then another guy was hired and the kids are wrapping up the final weeks of school.  From a business standpoint,...

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Proprietary Information – Who owns it?

Proprietary Information:  In the digital age we live in, information is king and one of your most valuable assets as a Convention organizer or association is your proprietary information.  When your proprietary information is in the care and custody of parties you have contracted for services, (Exposition Service Contractor, Registration company, 3rd party Meeting planner, etc..) your organization must control the how, what, where and who has access and what can or cannot be disseminated.  After all, your exhibitor lists, sponsor lists and membership lists...
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When your Contactor goes away…a Survival Guide

It happens all the time.  You love your independent contractor (Exposition Services, A/V, Registration services, DMC, EAC, et al); they do a great job for a fair price and their service is unparalleled compared to the Big Guys.  And then... Your contractor goes away by sale, consolidation, acquisition, merger, buy-out...whatever the financial terms, the Big Guys gobbled them up.   Metropolitan Exposition just joined the ranks of going away.  What do you do now?

Full disclosure demands that I share that I too...

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