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Mitch Isaacs

Sales Manager - Mitch has been active in the exhibit industry since 1979. He began his career as a Corporate Meeting Planner for Jordache Enterprises, one of the largest apparel manufacturers in the world at the time, responsible for trade show participation, booth design, corporate travel, corporate sales meetings, and advance logistics for all commercial and photo ad shoots. Other early trade show experience came from his own family business, Isaacs Exposition in resort areas. Mitch has also worked in independent film, reality TV and production for a few years before returning to the trade show industry with Las Vegas Expo.

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Great Customer Service & How You Know When You Get It!

Great Customer Service & How You Know When You Get It!

Recently, I was blown away by fantastic, great, exceptional, superb customer service.  How did I know it was great customer service?  It was so elevated from the pack that it was in your face noticeable.  It made me feel totally positive about the company and their Brand which galvanized me as a customer forever.  That’s how I knew that their firm understood customer service and were giving it to its highest...

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Las Vegas Attendees spend more time on a show floor!

Las Vegas Attendees spend more time on a show floor than in any other destination….we ask why?

Attendees spend more time on the Las Vegas show floor than in any other destination.  Recently, I came across that flashy statistic from an industry research study.  Again, of all the cities and destinations you can hold a meeting, conference or trade show in….Las Vegas keeps the attendees on the show floor more than any other city.  And, it’s by a whopping almost 2 hour...

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Summer is heating up and so is LV Expo…..

Summer is heating up and so is LVExpo…..

Summer is here and it's time for fun. By now, if you have kids they are either out of school or that day is just around the corner. As the days grow longer it's time to pour a glass of iced tea and read a book by the pool, head to the mountains, lay on the beach or just gather with family for a barbecue. People have recreation & vacation on their mind and...

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