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Being a Show Manager is complicated, difficult, stressful and at times rewarding.  It requires a diverse skill set and an ever evolving furtive mix of diplomacy, moxie, fluidity, amazing analytic problem solving skills, multi-tasking and proactive behavior to head off any issues and challenges before they intensify.  Juggling all these factors throughout the event is what provides everyone participating with a positive conference experience.  It’s exhausting and that’s why your vendors and suppliers must be working in sync with you.  A show manager must have the full support of their contractors so that they are also part of proving solutions and not adding to the stress.

So many moving parts that all involve people….lots and lots of Conference attendees, Exhibitors, Sponsors, Board Members  and all need to be treated like a Las Vegas High Roller VIP.  All this makes me wonder if a degree in Early Elementary Education might be more useful than an MBA, because sometimes it feels like we’re getting Kindergartners to calm down after playground time. In order to be able to stay focused on really how many truly nice people are at the Conference, your General Service Contractor (aka Expo Decorator), A/V supplier, Electrical contractor and facility staff must also be providing the ultimate in gracious hospitality.

Las Vegas Expo Complete Show Services understands every aspect of the Convention Industry; we specialize in national, regional trade shows, conventions, corporate meetings, specials events and custom exhibits. We have a great understanding of the process and procedures a show manager must flawlessly execute while producing an Event. With over 25 years of experience, we understand how critical budget and timeline adherence is to ensure a successful event.  For Las Vegas Expo, it’s not just about taking care of all of your Registration, show floor, General sessions, Graphics and every last one of the 100’s of pages of work orders…it’s about pitching in with the other contractors no matter what needs to be done!!

Being a show manager myself prior to joining Las Vegas Expo, I am able to understand what it takes to produce an event, trade show or meeting.  Utilizing a General Service contractor like Las Vegas Expo, who has experience with both sides of the industry, would have been a dream for me during my years as a show manager.

The associations’ most important assets of their trade show are the exhibitors and sponsors; they provide the financial support of the show.  In general, the major sponsors and exhibitors are also the major advertisers. These sponsors are also likely to be the primary contributors for large educational and research initiatives within that industry as well as underwriting the costs of special events within the conference (parties, off site functions etc).

How this translates into real world situations is that a major sponsor might only have a small exhibit footprint on the show floor, but is providing the resources for other special events within the conference. So don’t judge a book by its cover is good advice for any show manager’s vendors/suppliers who interact with this VIP Company. Las Vegas Expo treats all exhibitors with gracious hospitality and a “can do” service attitude. After all, as an event producer, you need to have your contractors in sync with your objectives and goals of the conference. Surely one of those goals is the retention among not just the VIP Sponsors and Exhibitors… so that each and every participant in the Conference has a positive experience which will have them back as annual returning companies.

As a show manager you want to work closely with a company who anticipates your every need and understands and appreciates that your vital assets must be treated with the same care as the association provides their members. The nightmare scenario (and I know of too many of these from friends within the industry) is your contractor treats a company terribly, with slip shod service and a who gives a hoot attitude… and only when it’s too late and the firm vows to never return to the event does this get on the clients’ radar. It was one of the first things I noticed about the Las Vegas Expo staff when I was their client that they were a dedicated team of industry professionals that genuinely care about each and everyone’s success on the show floor. There was a palpable sense of concern about providing the best service; you could really see and feel the difference. What a comfort knowing that our exhibitors and sponsors were being treated fabulously when in my contractors’ care and custody.

There are times as a show manager, things tend to slip through the cracks and a GSC like Las Vegas Expo will remind you of items you may have missed such as graphics and signage placement, Registration accessibility, Booth Equipment, Entrance Units, Materials Handling, Labor straight-time versus over-time charges, Furniture and Carpet Rental, Floor Plans, Exhibitor Services, Fire Marshal Submissions, Cleaning, Electrical Services to name but a few.

Las Vegas Expo works as a General Service Contractor as well as a Exhibitor Appointed Contractor (EAC). We build custom exhibit booths, offer storage, transportation logistics and create positive brand based exhibit experiences. Having successful tenure in all areas of trade shows, B2B Conventions and Corporate Meetings, Las Vegas knows how to manage these areas in a cost and production efficient, professional manner. Our decades of “Complete Show Services” experience counts and make the difference for our clients.

The value added components of Complete Show Services is driven by the very fact that Las Vegas Expo offers complete show services. We understand the entire scope and arena of Conventions and Trade Shows. As a General Service Contractor for Exhibitions, Corporate Meetings, Conferences, Special Events and New Product Launches, Las Vegas Expo has over 25 years of experience producing the entire event. Our EAC I&D division works on over 140 expos annually, plus we work our I&D jobs on our very own GC client events as well. Our custom built displays and custom exhibit rental division along with our warehouse storage, graphic design/production and logistics program, forms Complete Show Services. Sometimes, things happen that our out of our control and are the result of the expo’s other appointed official vendors not performing as specified. When something is awry on the show floor, our decades of experience as a GSC Expo Contractor, enable us to know how to resolve the issues caused by others and who on the show floor we should be talking with about the issue(s). Our team of professionals are fully involved in every aspect of your event, becoming a natural extension of you and your team to provide a smooth voyage.

If you’re looking for great customer care by a show services team that will exceed expectations…. please give me a call or send me an email Sheenagh Parrotto, Account Executive, Las Vegas Expo Complete Show Services 702-248-6200

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