Tension Fabric Structures

Tension Fabric displays are increasingly popular and sought after by exhibiting companies today because of their style and eye catching appeal.  Tension Fabric displays are naturally intended to be high-impact, lightweight, fast setup and with large bold statements perfect for trade show exhibits. They are designed with aluminum extruded metal frames that use wrinkle free, fire retardant fabric materials stretched across them, which allows custom lightweight design in any shape possible.

By utilizing graphics printed on fabric allows the graphics to be virtually seamless, giving the ability to print large format images. The framework is designed to break down into smaller component parts for easy of transporting and setup.   Las Vegas Expo Complete Show Services can design and fabricate creative and eye-appealing Tension fabric structure exhibits.  But before you hone in on using this alternative display system, let’s take a look at the Pros & Cons.


  • Easy and fast to put together aluminum framing with minimal tools or parts on custom exhibit designs.
  • Easy to install graphic across the metal framing with SEG gaskets or zipper sock designs.
  • All parts are able to break down for ease of packing and shipping for traveling custom exhibits while graphics are easily folded and packed.
  • If handled with care, parts have a longer shelf life than other exhibit systems.
  • Graphics can be printed as simple or as detailed as needed.
  • Graphics can be back lit if needed.
  • Graphics have the ability of being large format making the exhibit look seamless over large spans.
  • Wrinkles in prints can be easily removed with steaming them.
  • Graphics can be cleaned easily by washing them.


  • Tension fabric is more costly than reproduction on other substrate materials (sintra, foam board, Plexiglas) and reprinting new graphics for each use is also expensive.
  • Tension fabric graphics can be torn, punctured or ripped very easily and must be handled with care.
  • Because it is fabric, light may shine through solid style graphics so shadow backing fabric also has to be used as an extra expense.  Some find the color reproduction or intensity not up to the caliber of other materials.
  • If parts are damaged from specific design styles, such as bends, replacement parts may not be easily obtained and can be costly to have replacement pieces fabricated.
  • Because tension fabric booths are only aluminum frames with fabric and extremely lightweight, they are not the most stable designs for displaying large amounts of heavy product.

If you would like to learn more about creating innovative designs with functionality to carry your brand message onto the show floor with a custom tension fabric exhibit, please contact Michele Renick, National Accounts/Brand Manager, mrenick@lvexpo.com , 702-248-6200

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