Service is an Attitude, not an action

What separates good service from great service just might surprise you.  After all, who doesn’t want exceptional service rather than just pedestrian service & indifference masked as feigned enthusiasm?  You can advertise good service, post about it, tweet about it and put it on company logo apparel but if the staff delivering on the front lines hasn’t fully bought into it, then the service will be less than stellar.

At Las Vegas Expo Complete Show Services, the words service are not just an action statement but a full embrace of our corporate mission……..To do what we say we’re going to do and do it better than anyone else.  Although it seems like a colloquial statement, it is the foundation of our firms’ commitment to servicing the customers as we would want to be treated.

How do you get employees to embrace a philosophy and attitude instead of just repeating words?  It’s not easy or simple.  It begins with hiring the right candidates.  It’s instilled from the top of down with continuing training and development.  If the CEO doesn’t care about providing the most personal and elevated service, then how can the rest of the staff get on board?

Exhibitor Services, Custom Exhibit Environments, Rental Displays, General Contracting or I&D – EAC Services……. it doesn’t matter what department or product or service we are delivering, the standards of excellence are all set exceptionally high.  In each and every interaction (emails, phone calls and personal encounters), providing each and everyone we engage with a positive convention experience, is the paramount goal. 

Often, our staff is bombarded by an exhibitor who is at the end of their rope and stressed to the max by the daunting circumstances of their situation.  It is our staffs’ job to move past the initial troublesome issues and put forth an action plan that will smooth the waters.   Sometimes , without any fault on our part, the solve costs us money that we can’t recoup from anyone, yet, our mission statement dictates that we address and correct first, even if it isn’t in our firms’ best financial interest.  Simply, we go the extra mile because it’s an attitude of care, concern and gracious warmth & hospitality that makes us go over and above so the sense of satisfaction from helping someone becomes contagious.  Happy staff breeds happy exhibitors…..we completely understand that our attitudes and personalities on the show floor will positively affect the overall experience for everyone involved.

The really amazing part of your exhibiting experience is that our employees that assist you are almost always taken aback by an enthusiastic “Thank You”.  In our staffs’ mind, helping you was just doing their job.  It’s exactly what I always tell our Las Vegas Expo Complete Show Services clients, that’s what we’re here for….to be of service. At Las Vegas Expo our truly valuable criteria for great customer service is to give the client (exhibitor or show manager) what they want.  That’s what customer service  is all about…..assisting , helping, resolving, delivering.  Listening carefully and offering viable immediate solutions are one of the areas that training comes into play.

Free cable ties or sign hooks, unbolting a crate or cutting shrink wrap, opening cartons,  rearranging already delivered crates , finding a special nut & bolt size in our Gang- Box…… Comped! , No charge!  It’s what Las Vegas Expo Complete Show Services does.  Maybe it’s something as simple as pointing an attendee to the next General Session and walking them halfway down the labyrinth of Caesars Palace Conference Center to make sure they are headed to the right Ballroom.  Whether it’s our General Service Contracting division, or we’re working as an EAC – I&D service and helping an exhibitor that isn’t even our customer, that’s how we do Customer Service at LVE.

Sometimes the things exhibitors and show managers need from Las Vegas Expo result in multiple employees involved to get it done.  Most of the time the part or material is relatively inexpensive but there is a true calculable cost for all the staff labor we deploy to assist and service; Las Vegas Expo’s policy, protocol and procedures regarding customer service directs its’ employees to assist the client……we do  not run up unnecessary charges or worse , not help.  For LVE it’s just old fashioned good customer service to absorb the costs of this non revenue producing assistance. It’s why Las Vegas Expo’s Complete Show Services has a strong, active, loyal client roster. 

To all of you that put forth a service attitude filled with gracious hospitality and a helpful can do attitude….Kudos for understanding the core foundations of the event industry.  For those who want this type of customer service, want a positive show experience that exceeds expectations, send us an email or give us a call.  We’d love to be of assistance because it’s who we are and what LVExpo Complete Show Services does. Mitch Isaacs, , VP Marketing , Las Vegas Expo Complete Show Services 702-248-6200

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