Why Biggest isn’t necessarily Best

Who thinks Big Macs or Whoppers are truly the best burgers they ever had?  Is that $5 foot long Subway sandwich better than Pat’s Philly Cheese steaks?  Domino’s pizza anyone, instead of made from scratch John’s Brick oven in Manhattan.    Applebee’s, as a choice, rather than Dallas’ Mansion at Turtle Creek for a romantic dinner?  If we all know that the independent restauranteur provides food and service light years ahead of the massive chain food outlets, how is that we can’t believe that a smaller , nimbler organization will outperform and out service the Burger Kings and McDonalds of the Trade Show industry.

At Las Vegas Expo Complete Show Services, we prove day in and day out that an independent contractor does provide service at a higher, more consistent level than the mega firms can.  Each show or custom exhibit build or I&D job, our crew will provide better service, at a boutique level, than the Monoliths of the industry.  The difference is personal attention by a motivated staff and employees who are trained that our mission is to provide service.  We know the lip service that the Big Guys give to this credo.  It’s easy to spend millions of dollars a month to tout that you are the best and how big and vast your resources are….but do the words on the page flow to the stage?  I find it hard to even entertain the thought that Big Mega Contractor can provide the same level of service on smaller footprint events.  We don’t select our level of commitment to service based on the gross revenue.  It’s impossible for the big guys to put forth the same effort when their enormous overhead , advertising costs and huge profit margins are factored in, it ‘s more of a get the job in and gtfo. 

We’re there for the show manager, we’re there for the exhibitors, we’re there for the venue staff….we don’t short staff on our management supervision or short call the labor to hit our mandated financial marks.  We’d prefer to just make a fair profit so that we can provide value along with impeccable service. We do what we say we’re going to do and we do it better, with flair and gracious hospitality.  We don’t have corporate wonks pounding us like an anvil to increase our margins. Rather, we understand that great service is a byproduct of efficiency and staff satisfaction.  If our crew is fulfilled in their jobs, we get a better production flow and everyone gets better service.  And that formula increases our bottom line……..great service drives profits.  Unfortunately some would have you believe that they and only they know the secret formula of service.  Having many experiences with the big guys I can assure you, that giving you the best service ever, isn’t driving their train.

Ask for assistance.  It’s what we’re here for; Las Vegas Expo Complete Show Services has an amazing ability to marshal resources to solve your issues.  Whatever you need……be it last minute entire exhibits with graphics or specialized furnishings, accessories, shop repairs or just local knowledge to guide you, when LVExpo is the Exposition Contractor or EAC I&D firm on your event, we are there to help. It’s our attention to detail and solid Teamwork that produce excellence in our performance of the required tasks and provide all of our clients with a positive exhibiting experience.

Here’s the final litmus test…..ask yourself…are you paying more just because of the illusion of getting better personnel?  Are you paying more because smoke and mirrors have clouded your view.  For crystal clear clarity and honest fair pricing…why not try paying less.  We’re here to help, we are here to assist and we do it better with great economic value too.

For more information about our spectacular services we can provide as your Complete Show Services Contractor, call or email, Mitch Isaacs, VP Marketing, mitch@lvexpo.com, Las Vegas Expo Complete Show Services, 702-248-6200  

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