The Costs of Custom Trade Show Displays

Exhibits are just like automobiles. You can buy an economy car or a Bentley….they both will get you to your destination; However the Bentley will get you there luxuriously with lots of attention from other drivers.  If you’ve ever exhibited at a trade show, you know that one thing is true: it costs money.  So when you’re looking for ROI from each show, every penny counts.

During the past 12 months Las Vegas Expo Complete Show Services has built all types of exhibits.  Our design team has created and fabricated everything from 100 sq.ft. Modular exhibits to massive large footprint environments.  We have fabricated 10’ booths for $5000 and 10’ booths that cost 3X that.  We have worked with budgets in multiple 6 figures just as easily as we worked with exhibit spaces that were in the mid $50K’s or $10K.  No matter the budget, they have all one thing in common…. to represent our clients’ Brand in a dynamic fashion.

What our Design team is exceptionally adept at is relaying your Brand message in an economical manner.  Not everyone has $150K to spend for a custom build so when your budget is just an increment of that, our mission is to provide the most bang for the buck.  No matter the budget, we present your Brand in a functional exhibit environment which will have curb appeal and is inviting to attendees.

The costs of exhibiting will vary from show to show and by the decisions made such as purchase or rental of the display. There are many variables and options in the budget line items that must be addressed prior to designing the exhibit space. Customized graphics are one of the most vital components of the exhibit environment and should never be value engineered out of the budget.  Accessories such as video walls will have a striking visual impact but the budget must be able to allow for this expensive upgrade. The size of your display also affects shipping and transportation costs.  If you do purchase a display, then you need to account for the usage. According to industry professionals, the average lifetime of a display is five years, and the average lifetimes of graphics are only one year! This lifespan also decreases with heavier use if you participate in a busy calendar of events annually.

The way your budget breaks down will fluctuate as well, but according to industry publications, the average trade show budget looks something like this:

10’x10’ Standard Exhibit

  • Booth Space = 33%
  • Display – Trade Show Booths & Graphics (construction/refurbishment) = 18%
  • Travel & Expenses = 18%
  • Show Services (electricity, cleaning, drayage, I&D) = 12%
  • Shipping = 9%
  • Promotion = 8%
  • Miscellaneous = 2%

20’x20’ Custom Build Exhibit

  • Booth Space = 15%
  • Display – Trade Show Booths & Graphics (construction/refurbishment) = 40%
  • Travel & Expenses = 16%
  • Show Services (electricity, cleaning, drayage, I&D) = 12%
  • Shipping = 7%
  • Promotion = 8%
  • Miscellaneous = 2%

Interested in seeing what our 3D design team can create for your exhibit environments?  Whatever your budget, we will stretch your dollars to present your Brand with an exhibit experience that everyone on the show floor will be talking about. Give us a call or send us an email: Mitch Isaacs,, Sales & Marketing Manager Las Vegas Expo Complete Show Services- 702-248-6200


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